Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Claus is coming......

Jimbo turned some of the Christmas lights on for a test for the first time last night! WOOHOO!

For those of you that don't know, Jimbo has a Christmas light fetish! Seriously. A. Fetish. He puts up about 25,000 lights and they're controlled by over 100 channels on the computer. They dance in time to the music that plays on our radio station.

The first step is hanging them. Since we had so much snow last year, the lights were buried under literal feet of snow for months and we had A LOT of damage.....Which equals a lot of fixing.....Personally, I don't know HOW he deal with it! I helped separate the little trees and check to make sure they were working and I thought I was going to need do some heavy drinking to get through it! ;)

The second step is plugging them in. I know plugging them in sounds easy but imagine plugging in all those extension cords and making sure that each strand is plugged into the right slot. It's a hot mess!

The third step is testing them to make sure he got the cords right.....He had a few blue/greens switched around but he fixed it and I think it's good to go now! WOOHOO!

The fourth step is programming the songs......Usually, we program the songs first throughout the year but we decided to wait this year until they were all on the house. We'll see if this is easier......

I always complain about the lights but seeing them on is just so breathtaking that I can't help being excited!

I'll share videos when the lights are up and running! The show starts on Black Friday! ;)

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  1. When you were describing the lights, all I could think about was Christmas vacation and Clark's lights! Sounds just lovely - can't wait to see the video!!