Friday, January 20, 2012

The $2.99 Closet Organization

Remember those New Year's Resolutions you made? Well, I don't make resolutions persay but I do think of things that I would like to focus on changing in my life in the coming year....I guess it's technically a resolution but I would never call it that because that label just sets you up for failure! lol

This year's "life change" I want to make is to get my house organized. The main areas of my house are usually neat and tidy but anything that is hidden NEVER gets any attention. Well, that might not be true....I clean it and then 6 months later when it needs done again I put it off and off and off. You get the picture - right?

I've decided to conquer one small area at a time and work each night for a few minutes on it. I'll save the larger tasks that just can't be broken up into smaller jobs for the weekend.

The first area I've had time to tackle is my hallway cabinet. Yes, we have cabinets in our hallway. No, I've never seen them in another house before either. But they're AWESOME!

The only money I spent on this organization was $2.99 which bought that white shelf thingy. I'll probably buy a few more of them and some baskets for the towels (& some new towels). For now, I used some Tupperware to help keep them from falling off the shelf.

Anyway, here's the before (I forgot pics of the other side & my pics are dark because I was tired and it was night because I work during the day):

Pretty bad - huh? That's what happens when you have four boys who "don't know where anything belongs".

And the after photos:
Yes, when you have four boys (three teenagers) you NEED a pot that big! It is the 2nd most used pot in my house!

Still left to tackle:

I didn't have time to finish because I had to run pick Jimbo up from work early. I'm going to try to fix that nastiness tonight.....Wish me luck!

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