Monday, January 16, 2012

New focus on an old blog....

I've been pondering this idea for awhile but recent events have made me realize it's time to do it! In the past few weeks, I've had several people tell me that they always thought I was a stay at home mom.....

I haven't been quite sure how to take that.....Is that a compliment or not?

The reason I'm not sure is because I have four boys, work full time with a rather ridiculous commute and a husband that works odd hours so he's rarely home when the rest of the family is home and my extended family doesn't live here. Heck, I even travel a few times a year for work. WHY would anyone think I was a SAHM? (Not that there's a single thing wrong with being a SAHM.....When my kids were younger, I was a SAHM but I'm not now and I can't quite wrap my brain around WHY people would think that? It makes no sense!)

DH says people think I'm a SAHM because I'm so danged good at everything that I make it all look so easy......I'm sure he's sucking up but hey, I'll take it! bwahahahahahaha

So I decided to revamp this old neglected blog of mine and document my daily life....Ya know, my life outside my full time job.....However trivial it may be.....

I'm really not sure what you'll see here.....I assume you'll see cooking, cleaning, crafting, organization, home decor, book reviews and probably just me being goofy but we'll see...You will definitely be seeing all the crazy stuff I've been trying from Pinterest!

I hope you join me for the ride! :)

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