Monday, January 30, 2012


Jimbo and I went to the Women's Expo this weekend. Yes, he's a wonderful man for going with me and I truly appreciate it! It's so fun to go with him! He doesn't complain and he allows me to do what I want to do and sometimes even suggests that I need to spend more time at a booth that he knows I would enjoy but might be skipping over because I'm worried about boring him.

Jimbo had said I could buy anything I wanted at the expo and it would be my birthday present.....And the only thing I wanted was this product by Norwex.....Yeah, I might be strange. LOL

I read on a blog last week about Norwex and I almost bought online but decided to wait. I was soooo happy I waited because they had a booth at the Women's Expo! YAY! No shipping AND a discount AND instant gratification!

I bought the Enviro Cloth
AND the Window Cloth

and let me just tell ya.....I'm in L.O.V.E!

I didn't take pics because you can't really SEE the difference in pics but when I first got home, I cleaned the microwave. The vent part of the microwave has had this gross greasy build up since we moved in three years ago from the people that lived there before us that I couldn't get off no matter what I did (and believe me, I've TRIED).....After a couple minutes of wiping (not even hard scrubbing), it's gone! WOOHOO!

The really fun thing about these cloths is that you don't have to use cleaners with them (just plain water) and you just rinse and move onto the next project because they are antibacterial. YAY!

After the microwave, I moved onto the one spot on my flat top stove that I can NEVER get clean. Guess what? It's sparkling now!

After the stove, I cleaned the kitchen window. BEAUTIFUL! You can see your reflection in it and I only did the inside! Imagine if I did the outside....You'd probably go blind!

I decided to really test it and wipe the fake snow off the dining room windows that we put up when the Christmas lights are on. I never have good luck cleaning that off.....Usually, I use almost a whole roll of paper towels and it STILL isn't streak free - which is why I hadn't wiped it off before. With these cloths, I had to wipe TWICE with the blue towel and shine it up with the window cloth. GORGEOUS!

I rinsed the blue cloth out and shined up my counters and every other surface in the house I could find....I rinsed them both out and let them dry because by that time, the window cloth was getting pretty wet and not polishing quite as well as it had been at first.

Yesterday, I cleaned my refrigerator with the cloths. Let me just tell ya, I hate cleaning my fridge! I keep it cleaned out but I rarely wipe it out. This time, I took EVERY single thing out of it and wiped it all with these cloths. I'm here to tell ya, it looks brand new!

Even Jimbo was impressed.....And he wasn't thrilled with my gift choice because "it looks like every other microfiber towel out there". It's DEFINITELY NOT like every other microfiber towel out there!

Whee! Happy Birthday to me!

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