Monday, January 30, 2012


Jimbo and I went to the Women's Expo this weekend. Yes, he's a wonderful man for going with me and I truly appreciate it! It's so fun to go with him! He doesn't complain and he allows me to do what I want to do and sometimes even suggests that I need to spend more time at a booth that he knows I would enjoy but might be skipping over because I'm worried about boring him.

Jimbo had said I could buy anything I wanted at the expo and it would be my birthday present.....And the only thing I wanted was this product by Norwex.....Yeah, I might be strange. LOL

I read on a blog last week about Norwex and I almost bought online but decided to wait. I was soooo happy I waited because they had a booth at the Women's Expo! YAY! No shipping AND a discount AND instant gratification!

I bought the Enviro Cloth
AND the Window Cloth

and let me just tell ya.....I'm in L.O.V.E!

I didn't take pics because you can't really SEE the difference in pics but when I first got home, I cleaned the microwave. The vent part of the microwave has had this gross greasy build up since we moved in three years ago from the people that lived there before us that I couldn't get off no matter what I did (and believe me, I've TRIED).....After a couple minutes of wiping (not even hard scrubbing), it's gone! WOOHOO!

The really fun thing about these cloths is that you don't have to use cleaners with them (just plain water) and you just rinse and move onto the next project because they are antibacterial. YAY!

After the microwave, I moved onto the one spot on my flat top stove that I can NEVER get clean. Guess what? It's sparkling now!

After the stove, I cleaned the kitchen window. BEAUTIFUL! You can see your reflection in it and I only did the inside! Imagine if I did the outside....You'd probably go blind!

I decided to really test it and wipe the fake snow off the dining room windows that we put up when the Christmas lights are on. I never have good luck cleaning that off.....Usually, I use almost a whole roll of paper towels and it STILL isn't streak free - which is why I hadn't wiped it off before. With these cloths, I had to wipe TWICE with the blue towel and shine it up with the window cloth. GORGEOUS!

I rinsed the blue cloth out and shined up my counters and every other surface in the house I could find....I rinsed them both out and let them dry because by that time, the window cloth was getting pretty wet and not polishing quite as well as it had been at first.

Yesterday, I cleaned my refrigerator with the cloths. Let me just tell ya, I hate cleaning my fridge! I keep it cleaned out but I rarely wipe it out. This time, I took EVERY single thing out of it and wiped it all with these cloths. I'm here to tell ya, it looks brand new!

Even Jimbo was impressed.....And he wasn't thrilled with my gift choice because "it looks like every other microfiber towel out there". It's DEFINITELY NOT like every other microfiber towel out there!

Whee! Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm soooo ready for the weekend!

I'm to see a high school friend tonight! YAY! She just bought a new condo so I'm getting the tour and then we're staying in, having dinner and chatting! Is it sad that I'm so excited to go see an old friend and stay in?? lol

She's adopting one of our puppies! I don't know which one of us is more excited! (I'm pretty sure I'm the most excited because these little suckers are MESSY! I'm tired of bathing them....)
Aren't they adorable? They're Puginese (part pug/part pekingese). We only have six of them so if you want one, let me know! I'm ready for them to find new homes ASAP! lol NOW would be preferable....

I STILL haven't cleaned the rest of the hall cabinet from the last post....Jimbo has been home at night & for some reason he thinks he's more important than cleaning the cabinet. (Can you see me rolling my eyes?)

I've been working on a Lego blanket that I saw on Pinterest. This is one block. I think I need about 140 of these suckers....After working on it for 2 weeks, I have 30 blocks done. Yeah, it's going to take FOREVER but I'm really hoping to have it done by #4's birthday in the middle of February. Think I can do it?

Have a great weekend! I'll see you on Monday!

The $2.99 Closet Organization

Remember those New Year's Resolutions you made? Well, I don't make resolutions persay but I do think of things that I would like to focus on changing in my life in the coming year....I guess it's technically a resolution but I would never call it that because that label just sets you up for failure! lol

This year's "life change" I want to make is to get my house organized. The main areas of my house are usually neat and tidy but anything that is hidden NEVER gets any attention. Well, that might not be true....I clean it and then 6 months later when it needs done again I put it off and off and off. You get the picture - right?

I've decided to conquer one small area at a time and work each night for a few minutes on it. I'll save the larger tasks that just can't be broken up into smaller jobs for the weekend.

The first area I've had time to tackle is my hallway cabinet. Yes, we have cabinets in our hallway. No, I've never seen them in another house before either. But they're AWESOME!

The only money I spent on this organization was $2.99 which bought that white shelf thingy. I'll probably buy a few more of them and some baskets for the towels (& some new towels). For now, I used some Tupperware to help keep them from falling off the shelf.

Anyway, here's the before (I forgot pics of the other side & my pics are dark because I was tired and it was night because I work during the day):

Pretty bad - huh? That's what happens when you have four boys who "don't know where anything belongs".

And the after photos:
Yes, when you have four boys (three teenagers) you NEED a pot that big! It is the 2nd most used pot in my house!

Still left to tackle:

I didn't have time to finish because I had to run pick Jimbo up from work early. I'm going to try to fix that nastiness tonight.....Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homemade oven cleaner

I've been reading lots of different ways to clean your oven on Pinterest and I truly NEEDED to clean my oven.

I have a self cleaning oven (actually, I have a stove with two ovens) but my kids and I have asthma and we can't breathe when the self cleaner is running. Jimbo tries to remember to run it when he's home alone but it's just not at the top of his list of things to remember.....

He finally remembered to run the self cleaner just after Christmas and the next night I made some of my infamous "chicken sh!t" (I'll share that recipe another time) and it boiled over. Oopsie!

This weekend, my mom was here and I baked cherry turnovers for breakfast on Sunday. Smoke was rolling out of the oven and my was absolutely shocked that I hadn't cleaned the oven.

So, when the oven cooled, I gave cleaning the oven with a homemade oven cleaner I found on Pinterest a try....

I sprinkled the bottom of the oven with baking soda and then sprayed it with vinegar. I let it sit for 15-20 minutes while I was browning hamburger for Sloppy Joes for lunch. Then, I wiped it out while the Sloppy Joes were simmering in their sauce.

What a difference! Try it! You'll be amazed!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Curly hair

See all those curls? They're from a sock. True story.

I saw this on Pinterest a couple months ago. At first, I laughed and thought it was rather odd. Then I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose besides an unmatched sock that was destined for the trash anyway?

The first time, I put my hair in the sock for a few minutes and used a blow dryer on it.....And I had some pretty good curls show up!

That night, I wore my hair in the sock all night while I slept and the next day I had even bigger curls! Whoa! How cool is that?

Now, a couple months later, Jimbo is begging me to wear my hair in the sock when I come to bed. LOL He absolutely loves it! He's always been a curl lover but I think his real love is not having to be careful about laying on my hair at night! And I have to admit I love it too! I don't have to get my hair pulled all night long (yeah, it's not just SOUNDS kinky....) because it's busy getting curled in my neat little bun.

The real bonus is.....I can just take my hair out of the sock and go to work looking like I worked hard on my hair. YAY! No time spent on my hair leaves more time for sleeping and we all KNOW I need my beauty sleep! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yum yum! Honey Chicken

When I went to Texas for business a month ago or so, I made a new honey chicken recipe for my kids and they LOVED it! They kept asking me to make it again but do you think I could remember where I found it? Or even what the recipe was? Nope! I finally found it again today.....

I know you're wondering how the heck I made this for my kids when I was working states weren't aware that I'm wonder woman? lol Yeah, I'm not. Surprise, surprise!

Actually, I always try to plan meals for the boys before I leave on my trip. I try to make sure it's stuff that they can prepare themselves because Jimbo isn't home when they need to eat dinner. I don't like to have them eat fast food every night while I'm gone because (a) it's expensive and (b) it's not good for them....But mostly (a). bwahahahahaha

Before I left, I mixed the sauce and put it in a Ziploc bag with instructions written on it in the refrigerator. Yes, I also left them a detailed list of instructions (including what day to eat it & which meal, where the chicken is in the freezer, etc.)....I went so far as to put the foods they'd need while I was gone into a special bin.....because after all, they're men and we all know men can't do anything on their own. Am I right?

This particular recipe was one that allowed Jimbo to toss the frozen chicken tenderloins in the crockpot before he left for work, dump the sauce on it and turn the crockpot on....Pretty much the ONLY kind of cooking Jimbo can handle. Seriously. The kids have fired him from cooking soooo many times....It's hilarious! (Jimbo doesn't think it's funny....)

Anywho, they've been wanting this chicken again and I couldn't find the recipe....But I just happened to stumble across it on Pinterest again and we'll be having it this week. This time, I'll actually get to try it! YAY!

Check out the recipe from Mmm Cafe....I dare you to make it for your kids while you're on a business trip!! :) They'll love you for it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New focus on an old blog....

I've been pondering this idea for awhile but recent events have made me realize it's time to do it! In the past few weeks, I've had several people tell me that they always thought I was a stay at home mom.....

I haven't been quite sure how to take that.....Is that a compliment or not?

The reason I'm not sure is because I have four boys, work full time with a rather ridiculous commute and a husband that works odd hours so he's rarely home when the rest of the family is home and my extended family doesn't live here. Heck, I even travel a few times a year for work. WHY would anyone think I was a SAHM? (Not that there's a single thing wrong with being a SAHM.....When my kids were younger, I was a SAHM but I'm not now and I can't quite wrap my brain around WHY people would think that? It makes no sense!)

DH says people think I'm a SAHM because I'm so danged good at everything that I make it all look so easy......I'm sure he's sucking up but hey, I'll take it! bwahahahahahaha

So I decided to revamp this old neglected blog of mine and document my daily life....Ya know, my life outside my full time job.....However trivial it may be.....

I'm really not sure what you'll see here.....I assume you'll see cooking, cleaning, crafting, organization, home decor, book reviews and probably just me being goofy but we'll see...You will definitely be seeing all the crazy stuff I've been trying from Pinterest!

I hope you join me for the ride! :)