Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sassy Card Sketch

The new card sketch is up at Sassy Lil' Sketches!

I'm loving what the DT did with the digi images from Peggy Loves Vintage! Don't you???

If you use the sketch, make sure you share it with us at Sassy because we have two GREAT prizes to give away this month!!! Snobby Walrus is giving away on of their awesome kits! And Peggy Loves Vintage is giving away some adorable vintage images! Those images are so cute on cards!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hmmm.....Could we have the next Richard Simmons on our hands????

This is what you get when our kid gets a CD in his kids' meal! lol

While I was checking this video out, I stumbled across this little goodie.....If you watch closely towards the end, you can see Logan hits Parker in the head with the bat. Check out Logan's face and hear Parker say, "Ow!"


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Welcome to my first blog about me! I've had scrapbook sketch blogs for years but never one that I allowed you to see who I am or what I'm up to.....

I'd like to thank Katie for the name of my blog! I've been trying to think of something that fits me for a couple weeks now and just wasn't having any luck....So I asked Katie to help!

The "boy" in the name comes from the five boys I have. Alright, alright, one isn't technically a boy but he sure does act like it sometimes! lol

You can look forward to seeing stuff from all my adventures in scrapbooking, cooking/baking, sewing, crafting and maybe even a little home decor here and there....Along with more photos of my boys than anyone should be subjected to!

For now, I'll share the announcements I made for Levi's graduation in June....

I made all the announcements myself while I was on medical leave. I'd do a few steps of each card and take a break, do a few steps and take a break. You can thank Jimbo for all the stamping....I couldn't stamp without being in pain so that poor guy learned to stamp in a hurry!

This photo isn't a great photo because it was taken with my camera phone right before I mailed them....I realized I didn't have a single one leftover and he would never be able to remember them if I didn't take a pic right then! lol

I printed that background paper myself. I just typed the words in Microsoft Word and colored the background in. I printed it using our color laser printer. The strips of paper are from some line of 4th of July scrapbook paper but I can't remember what company it's from (maybe BoBunny?)....I used 4th of July paper because he went to NorthStar and the colors fit his school colors perfectly. ;)

Yep, that is sewing on those cards and yep, I sewed on each and every one of them! The picture is from Levi's prom night.....He liked that photo because he looked "fly".

The G is a stamp I borrowed from my friend. Jim stamped two for each card - one burgundy and one blue. Then, we punched them out and glued them together so they would be two-toned. The square is pop-dotted so they stand up a little. I printed the inside of the cards on the color laser printer....

Now I suppose I should scrap, bake or sew something so I can share it with you.....